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My husband and I started Majestic Luxury Portable Toilets after we felt there was a need for somewhere to go to the bathroom that felt just as luxurious and clean as the event we were attending.

I have been to events where the toilets are less than inviting but needs arise, so I have to use them. You know the ones I mean. They feel dirty and smell and you are usually fumbling around in the dark.

After working in the motel industry, I have always enjoyed making people feel pampered when they entered their motel rooms, and I wanted the same feeling portrayed when they're out at a wedding or party and need to use the toilet.

Somewhere you feel comfortable to wash your hands and re-apply your make up or check your hair do.

So we are very proud of the efforts we have gone to, to make you and your guests' day or evening the very best and luxurious that is possible.

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